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Now Going for However Long

2013-09-28 23:29:07 by MarioFan7589

I'm just here right now to track way from my NG account. I'm going to quit... for now, or forever??? I know I won't be active for seven weeks... so I'm getting my friends and some of my beta testers from SMTRPG: The Game to help with promised animations and I'll teach them how to help with on the game...

~so, yea...

Just don't think I'm not a resident who has to animate for nothing... because my animations are on YouTube, in case you were wondering, because I know you are...

My girlfriend will be running the account when I'm doing a project in Canada for Club Penguin, an interactive game for children... yep... from Florida to Canada... Disney's Interactive studios.

I'm also scheduled to be on a "Game On" commercial on TV, but you don't know who I am...

All in 7 weeks, or longer...

-Thanks for understanding,

~The Fan

Happy Madness Day!

2013-09-22 18:10:50 by MarioFan7589

Happy Madness Day!

These are STRONGLY friends of me beta testing the game!

SMTRPG The Game: Beta Testers!

SMTRPG The Game: Main Menu

2013-08-09 19:52:25 by MarioFan7589

The main menu to the game... trust me... I have this all planned out.

SMTRPG The Game: Main Menu

These are the protagonists you can play as, and the only PROTAGONISTS to play as... there will be many playable characters.

SMTRPG The Game: Protagonists

Characters' willing, strength, weapons equipped, teammates, and heath, all here, at the top of this game, made on the unity engine.

Stick-Madness Transfer RPG Sneak Peek: STATS

Can you take on his heavily armored freak? It's not easy to kill him, but it's possible!


To prove to you that i'm working, not slacking.

MADNESS: Remorse Timelapse Keyframes

Another sneak peek of a new animation coming some time...

MADNESS: Remorse: Sneak Peek 3

The second sneak peek to a future-coming series...

MADNESS: Remorse: Sneak Peek 2